Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Operation M.Y.O.W slots is a fun filled slots game from Real Time Gaming. Real Time Gaming are one of the leading slots and casino game suppliers online and for mobile casinos. Players can enjoy the game in fun mode before placing real money bets and there is also an option of playing online or through mobile devices. Playing online offers a downloaded version of the game or the player can access it from the instant play option on his casino. The mobile version of Operation M.Y.O.W offers players the game both for Android and Apple devices. The player can enjoy the mobile version of the game by accessing through his web browser or by downloading the online casino app that will take the player directly to the mobile casino and game with just one tap on the screen.

Basics of the Game

Operation M.Y.O.W slots is a three-reel game with one payline. Players can try out the game for fun on any platform and when ready to place real money bets, the player can place up to three coins per spin. Lining up two or more of the symbols on the payline defines a payout and there are also payments made for single cats appearing. What makes this game special is that the player can choose his pay table. There are five different colored cats and each one has his own pay table. The white cat is called Lucky, the purple cat is called Catman, the yellow cat is called Kung Fu kitty, the green cat is Catzilla and the pink cat is the King.

Payouts with Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Each cat has his own pay table and the player can choose which pay table he wants. The highest payout is for Catzilla. Three of the Catzilla cats on the payline with a single coin bet awards players 1600 coins, with a two-coin bet the player wins 3200 coins and with a three-coin bet the player wins 5000 coins. The lowest paying symbol is the bat cat awarding players 50 coins when three appear on the payline. Players can place bets ranging from $0.05 up to $5 per coin size giving a maximum bet of $15. This game is so much fun especially as it gives players a chance to choose their pay table and the cat that they like.